Narcissism at Work explores the damaging effects of personality disorders in corporate leaders, particularly in regard to organizational variables including employee productivity, motivation, well-being, employee retention, and ultimately, the organization’s bottom line. The book offers solutions and coping strategies vital for employees, industrial psychologists, human resource professionals, and organizational leaders in order to optimize business functions and increase employee well-being.


  • FOR HR PROFESSIONALS: Learn about the characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and its correlation to organizational variables such as employee productivity, motivation, well-being, turnover, and career advancement. Obtain practical advice to detect narcissistic traits in candidates at time of recruitment. Learn about effective (and legal) ways to assist employees who may have been victimized by an NPD colleague.
  • FOR EXECUTIVES, MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES: Obtain practical advice to detect narcissistic traits in employees. Learn about effective ways to handle NPD employees and to assist those who may have been victimized by an NPD colleague.


  • “An invaluable resource for anyone confronted with narcissism in the C-Suite, from corporate management to personnel in human resources.” 

          Joseph Burgo, Ph.D.
          Clinical Psychologist and author of THE NARCISSIST YOU KNOW

  • "This book should be required reading for Board members, HR, EAP, Legal and Risk Management professionals in every corporation and government agency. Individuals with NPD make everyone around them suffer. They toxify our workplaces staffed by good people just wanting to do their jobs. Finally, there is understanding to replace the euphemism of “brilliant, but …” Dr. Germain presents an evidence-based research foundation establishing the profile.. Then she wisely shares practical steps to ameliorate the destructive impact wrought by NPDs."

          Gary Namie, Ph.D.
          Director, Workplace Bullying Institute, San Francisco

  • "Dr. Germain's book raises important issues. American corporate culture has become structured so that narcissists can quickly rise to the highest levels of power. And once there, they leave a wake of destruction as they move from position to position, seeking only to further aggrandize themselves. The rest of us need to learn how to spot these people quickly and to protect ourselves from their ruthless behavior. This is an important theme throughout this book."

          David Ludden, Ph.D.
          Professor of Psychology, Georgia Gwinnett College, GA